Winter Driving Tips from Pulman

  1. Check your tyres, worn tyres will make day to day driving on snow and ice very dangerous.
  2. Charge your mobile phone fully, and leave a blanket plus a shovel in the car should you become stuck in a remote area, or even on a main road overnight.
  3. Plan your route. Try and aim for main roads which should be maintained and gritted. Especially aim for bus routes are these are usually prioritised.
  4. Completely clear your windscreen of snow AND roof. If you brake and the snow slides off the roof of your car,  your visibility will be completely compromised and your windscreen wipers may break if you try to use them. Also fully clean your headlights and rear lights to aid visibility, not only to yourself but other road users.
  5. When setting off, cars with manual gears, try and use 2nd gear to pull away. This minimises wheel spin.
  6. Once on the road, give yourself 4 times the normal stopping distance to cars and junctions.
  7. Drive as if you are on eggshells, brake gently, accelerate gently, but do not too be too timid as a small inclince can cause you to stop and slip backwards should your speed not be adequate.

Drive safely this winter and remember, we can check your car and make sure it's fully set for the harsh winter period with our exclusive Winter Safety Check

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