What Is The Pulman Extravaganza?

Roll up, roll up and join us at the amazing Pulman Birthday extravaganza from 1st August to 20th of August. Celebrate with 20 days of mesmerising offers across new and used cars, you won’t believe some of the daredevil prices. These are not to be missed as hundreds to thousands of pounds disappear before your very eyes!


What is the event?

To celebrate our 20th birthday we are hosting a Pulman Birthday Extravaganza - and what's more, we are hosting an event across all our showrooms to celebrate! We are giving you a different offer for every year we have been open. Starting on the 1st of August, there will be an offer a day, every day, for 20 days! 


When will the offers be announced?

We will announce the offer one day in advance here. You can see the current offer and the upcoming offer on our website and our social media channels. Worried you’re going to miss out on some great deals? You can sign up to receive the offers by email by clicking here


How long will the offer last for?

Every offer will last 24 hours so be quick – you won't want to miss out!


How to I claim the offer?

Like what you see? You can claim the offer by making an enquiry on a qualifying model or heading over to our event page here.  Congratulations, you will be sent the offer voucher via your email! Then you take your voucher to a Pulman retailer and claim at point of purchase


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