What is SKODA Infotainment Online?

The Infotainment Online package offers a wide range of services: the traffic situation, news, the weather forecast. Watch the video below to find out what else is available...

Google Earth 

  • With Google Earth, you can discover new destinations while it's realistically displaying the surrounding area. It improves navigation to a whole new level! 

My Points of Interest 

  • My Points of Interest are controlled in SKODA Connect Portal and App and allows you to import their favourite places into your vehicles navigation system. 

Online Destination Import 

  • Online Destination Import gives you the opportunity of sending destinations into your vehicle before your journey starts. 
  • So, whats the difference between Online Destination Import and My Points of Interest? Online Destination Import always explicitly uses Point of Interest files. 

Online Point Of Interest -Search 

  • Here you are able to search destinations and interesting places directly from your car! 

Online Route Import 

  • With the Online Route Import service, you can easily prepare routes in SKODA Connect Portal before your journey starts 

Parking Spaces 

  • This feature allows you to check for parking spaces near your vehicle current location and also displays the car park size along with the current usage, opening hours and prices. 


  • The weather provides you up-to-date weather information for your actual location, your destination or a pre-selected location. The system also takes your expected arrival time into account 


  • Gracenote recognises the track you are playing and provides you with information available online (eg song title, album name, artist and album cover) 


  • Want to get the latest news first hand? No problem! Select your favourite news feeds and import them into your vehicle from the SKODA Connect Portal. 

Online Map Update 

  • With the online map update, you will have up to date data for your navigation system 

Online Traffic Information 

  • With the Online Traffic Information you will always get up-to-date traffic information so you can save your time and avoid the stress of sitting in traffic jams 

Petrol Stations 

  • Petrol stations give you a quick overview of nearby petrol stations, their opening hours and up-to-date fuel prices! 

Want to know more? Why not get in touch with us and you can sit behind the wheel of a SKODA for a live demonstration! 

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