VWFS Rent-a-Car ŠKODA is Now Available in Cramlington

Following on from two successful Rent-a-Car sites in Durham, we are proud to announce the launch of our third VWFS Rent-a-Car site in Cramlington.

VWFS Rent-a-Car has already been a roaring success at both our Pulman Volkswagen and Pulman ŠKODA sites based in Durham. Rent-a-Car offers ŠKODA and Volkswagen cars for either short or long term rental, with no hidden costs. Due to this success, Pulman Group are proud to announce their third VWFS Rent-a-Car scheme site now based at Pulman ŠKODA Cramlington in Northumberland.

The introduction of the new VWFS Rent-a-Car Cramlington site has already created new job roles within the team. Claire Thompson, Rental Assistant, originally joined Pulman ŠKODA in January 2020 when Pulman Group acquired the former Silbury SKODA site in Cramlington. Claire’s initial role was part-time, working on a weekend as Showroom Host before COVID-19 hit. Upon returning to work in 2021, we seen the potential in Claire to progress her into a full-time role and offered her the fantastic opportunity to join the Rent-a-Car team.

Claire stated, “working for the Rent-a-Car team differs so much from previous role but I’m overly grateful that Pulman seen the potential in me to offer me this role. It’s a big change to adapt to compared to my previous role but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Each day is different and I’m enjoying meeting new customers from all walks of life.”

“Even in the first couple of weeks planning for the launch, I’ve already seen an improvement in my customer service, technology and people skills.”

“I’m definitely excited to see the growth of Rent-a-Car at Pulman, we’re always thinking of new ideas to bring to the table to make us really stand out from the competition. VWFS Rent-a-Car at Pulman is only going to keep on growing and I can’t wait to see where we are at this time next year!”, Claire also commented.

Claire Thompson - Rental Assistant Rent-a-Car Cramlington SKODA

(Claire Thompson - Rental Assistant Rent-a-Car Cramlington SKODA)

Even throughout a worldwide pandemic which has greatly affected the UK, we've managed to expand our offering of car rentals to the North of Newcastle. A greater benefit to opening our third site in this area, is the close proximity to Newcastle International Airport (just under 10 miles). Rent-a-Car Cramlington ŠKODA are able to offer deliveries to travelling corporate customers in the area (those of who arrive via the airport or local train stations) as well as deliver rentals to local businesses across the North East.

Pulman Group are the first and still the only Volkswagen and ŠKODA Rent-a-Car provider in the North East of England. The rental scheme has created great opportunities for Pulman; since launching in July 2020 the scheme has welcomed a vast number of retail and business customers to visit and rent from us. Rental terms vary between short or long-term periods with options including daily, weekend, weekly and up to 28 days. If a longer rental period is required, flexible rental options are available.

Shahkiel Akbar, Rental Manager at Pulman Groups adds, “I’m beyond excited to welcome a third Rent-a-Car service site to Pulman. We’ve grown massively in less than a year and what a great achievement it’s been to grow during the pandemic.”

“There’s a lot of potential for the future and some exciting plans in the pipeline, keep a look out as we’ve only just started!”, Shahkiel adds.

Shahkiel Akbar and Claire Thompson Rent-a-Car SKODA Cramlington Pulman

(Shahkiel Akbar and Claire Thompson Rent-a-Car Cramlington SKODA at Pulman)

To date, VWFS Rent-a-Car Durham and Rent-a-Car Cramlington have a combined fleet of 50 cars to hire across the ŠKODA and Volkswagen range which includes hatchbacks, estates and SUVs. Rental models which are available from Rent-a-Car Cramlington include the all-new ŠKODA Kamiq, Fabia, Octavia, Superb and the large ŠKODA Kodiaq SUV.

The Pulman Rent-a-Car scheme is now open at Pulman ŠKODA Cramlington. Visit www.rentacarSKODA.co.uk for further details. If you’d like to find out about the rental schemes available and how they can help you, email rental@pulmangroup.co.uk.

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