Top Tips For Getting Your Car Winter Ready

Making sure your car is ready for the cold winter months ahead is vital for both your safety and your car’s safety. We’ve rounded up our top tips in our latest blog post…

Now we’re in November and the darker nights have crept upon us, we think we can all agree just how much colder it seems. Before the bad winter weather hits the North East hard, make sure your car is in the best condition it can be. Read our top tips on how to get your car winter ready.

Make sure your fluids are topped up

We recommend to regularly check your screenwash, oil and brake fluid levels during the colder months ensuring they are topped up as and when needed. You’re more than likely to use a lot more screenwash in the winter especially when dirt, slush and grit are on the roads.

Did you know: At Pulman Group we offer screenwash, brake and oil fluids which you can purchase for your car at any of dealerships across Durham, Sunderland and Cramlington.

SKODA oil check

Stock up on the essentials

So you don’t get caught out if the weather turns bad during the day, make sure you have the essentials in your car. We’re talking a can of de-icer, an ice scraper, extra washer fluid, gloves, blanket, first aid kit, high visibility jacket and we’d even go as far as suggesting a small shovel!

Plus, investing in some good quality car mats will come in handy should you need to place something under your wheels to get your car moving in the snow or ice. Thank us later for this tip!

Did you know: all new SKODA modes come equipped with an ice scraper which is cleverly stored in either the fuel cap for fuel cars and in the tailgate for electric cars.

Snow covered cars

Check your exterior lights

As the light hours during the day are shorter in the winter months, it’s important to check all of your exterior lights regularly. Make sure your lights are dirt-free too as dirt can easily reduce the effectiveness and visibility of your lights.

Did you know: electric headlights were first developed in 1898 but didn’t become mainstream until the early 1900s.

Snow headlight

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are not just for arctic conditions. In fact, as temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius it’s important to look at changing your regular (summer) tyres to winter tyres. Winter tyres provide more control and grip on wet, slush, ice and snow roads. They also provide better traction on colder days as the tread on the winter tyres are designed differently to standard tyres.

Did you know: at Pulman Group we offer a Hotel4Tyres service; we supply, store and fit your winter tyres. Find out more.

Winter tyres

Book a Winter Check at Pulman for only £20

If you want to ensure that your car is winter ready, book a Winter Health Check at Pulman Volkswagen, SKODA or SEAT. For only £20 you’ll receive:

· Express visual check - this identifies any health issues which may need fixing immediately or in the near future.

· Wash and vacuum

· Winter care kit - includes de-icer, ice-scraper and Screenwash

Book your Winter Health Check at your closest Pulman branch in Durham, Sunderland or Cramlington:

· Pulman Volkswagen

· Pulman SEAT

· Pulman SKODA

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