Time To Change Your Car? Here’s Your Options…

Is your car coming to the end of its term and you’re now wondering what your options are? Maybe you’d like to continue with payments on your current car, or maybe you’d like to change your car to a new or approved used model? In recent months, you may have found there’s a long lead time on driving away a factory order Volkswagen, SKODA, SEAT or CUPRA which may also make you think more about what exactly are your options?

This is where we can help and provide guidance, the Pulman way. In our latest blog post we'll explain a number of options which are available to you, to ensure you drive away happy from Pulman.

Why do I need to wait so long for a new car?

You may have heard in the news about the semiconductor (computer chip) shortage which has resulted in a decline of the number of new cars manufactured in recent months. The semiconductors are vital chips used in many modern cars, which runs everything from safety to the infotainment system. The chip shortage has not only affected the automotive industry but also many other industries including electrical appliance and smartphone production.

The shortage of the semiconductors has extended the ‘typical’ lead time for new car orders, meaning you may be waiting a little longer for your new car to arrive.

What are my options?

We’re all about providing guidance on your next steps, the Pulman Way. That’s why there’s a number of options you can choose from, when deciding on what to do next.

If you’re currently looking for a new car:

· Available Now: we currently have a limited number of new models available across the Group. These are available to drive away now meaning you can be driving away your new car from Pulman within 1 to 4 weeks after your purchase.

· Factory Order: although there is a longer lead time on new factory order cars, manufacturers are prioritising customers who have already placed an order. This means you may receive your new car earlier than expected. Order your new 22 reg Volkswagen, SKODA, SEAT or CUPRA today.

If you’re looking for a used car:

· Approved Used Cars: thanks to our extensive used car stock across the group, we have a number of award-winning approved used Volkswagen, SEAT and SKODA models in stock as well as a range of non-franchise models. We also offer a fantastic range of delivery mileage and nearly new cars too; you wouldn’t know the difference from a factory order!

· Sell My Car: during the pandemic your working environment may have drastically changed from working in an office with a large team, to now working from home and communicating with your colleagues via Teams. If this is the case, you may have come to the realisation that you no longer need your car. At Pulman we offer the ‘Sell My Car’ service and offer very competitive valuations for your car*. You can also part-exchange your current car when purchasing a new or used car from Pulman.

If you’d like to keep your current car:

· Refinancing your balloon payment: we understand that sometimes customers would like to keep their current car but at the time, are unable to afford to pay off their balloon payment. Did you know at Pulman Group we can help you to refinance your balloon payment; you can pay a monthly payment over a number of months to pay off your balloon payment and then fully own the car.

· Extend your current finance: maybe you don’t plan on owning your current car in the future but would like to keep it for another year or so. If this is the case, we can also help you extend your current finance term time so you have a little longer with your current car, while you decide on what you would like to do next.

If you’d like to discuss your available options, contact our friendly sales team today at Pulman Volkswagen, SKODA, SEAT or CUPRA.

*Valuations are based on initial information provided from the customer before a visual inspection; therefore the estimated valuation may change.

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