The SEAT Arona wins Red Dot Award

It's another win for the SEAT Arona! The new Arona has been singled out as Best Product Design 2018 by the prestigious Red Dot Award design competition. This recognition highlights the fresh, dynamic and robust crossover design offered by the SEAT Arona. Its exterior and interior design and multiple personalisation options were the key aspects in selecting the SEAT Arona SUV as winner for 2018.

Since 1954, the Red Dot Award has been one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, giving international recognition to quality and innovation. So who decides on the winner? The Red Dot Award: Product Design Jury is made up of 40 experts from all over the world who are not permitted to be part of any industrial manufacturing company nor can they participate in the vote for those products in which they may have been involved.

We knew the SEAT Arona was fantastic thanks to its compact measurements and dynamic behaviour - which is ideal for nimble city commutes, motorway driving or countryside getaways. At the same time, the Arona is renowned for its incredibly safe and easy to use applied technology, as well as its comfort. On top of this, we are thrilled that the Arona has been recognised for design, yet another aspect that helps the Arona stand out in a very overcrowded SUV segment. 
“We are extremely delighted to receive one of the most prestigious design award for the SEAT Arona. We wanted to give a distinct crossover character, for day to day life and for the urban jungle”, said SEAT Design Director Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos. “The SEAT Arona is yet another example of fresh, young, functional, adventurous and comfortable design”.


The SEAT Arona is easily recognisable due to its highly expressive full LED triangular headlights and its iconic daylights. The Arona's robust front follows the same structure as the Ateca, with a three-dimensional look that's more pronounced, without being aggressive. The roof has roof rails, comes with line details that evoke the aesthetics of all-terrain vehicles and is customisable - without a doubt, this car has its own personality. This continues in its interior, which stands out not only in horizontal proportions that emphasise and enhance the car’s size, giving an even greater feeling of roominess and space inside, but in its increased sophistication as well. 

The High Console Concept also gives the console more prominence, which affects the safety and ergonomics, since every element is positioned so that you barely have to look away from the road while driving. Particular attention has been paid to the driver’s seat, and all of the instruments are oriented toward the driver. Everything is within reach, allowing for easy adjustments and increased safety. Do you make a lot of long journeys?The seats are more comfortable and provide a greater feeling of protection while holding the passengers in place more securely. The fabrics, shades and colours are exclusive to the new SEAT Arona, whose interior colours and trims offer many possibilities for personalisation, with the console, for example, being painted to match the dashboard.

Being able to customise the Arona means your car is as unique as you are. Colour-wise, the Arona is divided into two: the lower body, on the one hand, and the roof, plus the pillars, on the other. The roof can be grey, black, orange or the same colour as the body. You're certainly not limited with the Arona - there are 68 possible colour combinations in total. 

The Arona has stormed into SEAT showrooms after the Early Bird Launch event. In a little more than three months, SEAT have already delivered 25,000 units of the new crossover. By the end of the year, SEAT will release the Arona TGI, which will be the first SUV worldwide equipped with a Compressed Natural Gas engine! 

Want to take the new Arona for a test drive? Head over to Pulman SEAT too book now! It has been an exciting year for Pulman SEAT, we are proud to announce that once again we have been crowned 'Best Sales Team in the Country for 2017! Pulman SEAT, based in Southwick Sunderland, also scooped the prize for best service and fleet team for 2017. 


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