Sunderland fan wins two SAFC season tickets.

Darren Besnen was the lucky winner of one adult and one Junior SAFC season ticket courtesy of Pulman.
Photo courtesy of Sunderland Echo
Pulman are a Volkswagen and SEAT dealership across Sunderland and Durham. During the Sunderland Airshow which took place on 30th and 31st July, Pulman handed out over 3000 scratch cards in which everyone was a winner, from a free car wash and vacuum to an extra £500 towards the next car purchase. But the main prize was the adult and junior SAFC season ticket.
Darren Besnen the lucky winner from Seaham, a local paediatrician, grew up as a huge Sunderland supporter, in which now his 3 children – Luke, Adam and Louise, are also now fans of SAFC.
Darren comments: “I can’t believe it, I’ve never won anything before, I literally ran to the Pulman stand at the airshow to claim the prize. It was a very lucky ticket! I have 3 children and when the lady was handing out the scratch cards, she initially gave us 2 tickets for Luke and Louise. I asked for an extra ticket for my son Adam and that was the winning ticket, unbelievable!
We’re all massive Sunderland fans and I always wanted to take the kids to watch the game. Winning these season tickets is absolutely fantastic, I just want to thank Pulman!
We visited Pulman’s SEAT dealership in Sunderland to collect the tickets, unfortunately for us we are going on holiday and will miss the first game of the season against Newcastle, although my twin brother has already claimed the first game for himself! I guess the only issue I have now is deciding who I will take to each game!”
Natalie Wilson, Marketing Manager for Pulman comments, “When Darren came with the winning ticket it was absolutely fantastic! We are so pleased that a huge SAFC fan who is local to the area has won the tickets. With having 2 dealerships in Sunderland alone, we are very proud to be apart of the local community and always like to give something back, which is where the scratch card idea came from, so everyone wins a prize. We hope Darren and his family enjoy the season.”
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