SKODA Superb Combi

Only a few weeks after announcing the SKODA Superb hatchback, SKODA have confirmed that the new Superb Combi will be released to the market in September 2015

Set to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motorshow, this attractive newcomer is setting new standards in its segment in terms of space, comfort, connectivity, and the environment. With an impressive boot volume of 2,000 litres in total (660 litres more than the previous model), it has the largest interior space and luggage compartment within its class.

The new Superb Combi will be offered with a variety of new systems to increase safety and eco-friendliness as well as Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC)



SKODA says the driver and passenger will have 39mm more elbow rooms, with a headroom of 995mm in the front and 1,001mm in the rear and rear knee room of 157mm (which is twice as much as the nearest competitor) as well as rear elbow room increased by 70mm. 
The new combi is 30% more efficient than its predecessor, with the petrol engine outputs between 125PS and 280PS and the diesel range 120PS and 190PS. 
The Superb combi will also feature the latest infotainment systems with smartlink (MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology) and optional high-speed internet technology. 
The SKODA Superb Combi will be available to test drive and order at Pulman Volkswagen from September 2015


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