SEAT MÓ is GO, GO, GO at Pulman

City transportation doesn’t get any funkier than this. Of course SEAT is renowned for producing a whole range of cars which have Spanish flair built in as standard… but they now provide you with the sort of A-B vehicle that will be a boon to anyone who lives in a town or city.

And it’s available now from the region’s family owned SEAT dealer, Pulman.

The SEAT MÓ 125 is a scooter powered solely by electricity. This means you have incredible economy while also retaining performance and manoeuvrability. If nipping through the streets rather than being sat in a traffic jam is something you dream about, then the SEAT MÓ will fit your bill.

And you won’t produce any CO2 pollutants.

Oh and if you’re wondering why SEAT has given their eScooter a 125 number, it’s because the MÓ is deliberately built and powered to mirror the sort of performance and appearance of the plethora of petrol 125cc machines. It also means you will need the same licence qualifications as a 125cc machine…namely…A1 (Scooter under 11kw), A2 (11kw to 35kw scooter) or B (3-years of experience driving a scooter up to 11kw).

As with every electric vehicle there are always two important questions to be answered; what sort of range can you expect and how long does it take to fully charge the battery?

And the answers are…87 mile range and the charging time is 6-8 hours.

A really clever trick for the SEAT MÓ 125 is that you can take the battery with you into the house or office to charge it from a standard 3-pin plug. It’s a doddle to lift the battery out the MÓ and simply plug it in to a wall socket. And of course it helps with security.

As for performance, 0-30mph comes up in under 4 seconds…top speed is 59mph.

“If COVID taught us one thing, it was that the working lifestyle changed for millions of people,” said Alex Paget, General Sales Manager at Pulman SEAT. “The daily commute to the office has become a thing of the past for many workers. This means more and more people need transportation which no longer has to cover high mileages on a weekly basis.

Not only will the SEAT MÓ be incredibly cheap to run, it will also be much cheaper to tax, service and insure than a standard car.

And it’s great fun too.

Price for the SEAT MÓ 125…..£4999*.

Interested? Why not pop along to Pulman SEAT on Burntland Ave, Southwick, Sunderland. They’re a family firm with family values and fully appreciate that people are looking more and more for eco-friendly transportation.

And let’s face it, it doesn’t get much more eco-friendly than the SEAT MÓ eScooter.

For further details contact Pulman SEAT on 0191 549 2926 or go onto their website

*price correct at time of publication.

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