SEAT celebrates 5 millionth Ibiza

SEAT’s Martorell plant in Barcelona, Spain, is celebrating the production of the 5 millionth Ibiza. The Spanish Brand reached the milestone on the iconic model’s 30th anniversary.

This week SEAT will celebrate the 30 anniversary of its iconic Ibiza at the Paris Motor Show, which is where the first-ever Ibiza was unveiled to the world three decades ago. The Spanish Brand will also unveil the Leon X-PERIENCE, the brand’s most adventurous version of its compact car.

Since its launch in 1984, the SEAT Ibiza has become the best-selling and most-exported Spanish passenger car. Seventy per cent of those 5 million cars (about 3.5 million) have been sold outside Spain in more than 75 countries where the company has a presence. Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Mexico have proved to be the most important markets for the best-selling car in SEAT’s history.

Esther García Castellanos, a member of the SEAT Ibiza production team for more than a decade, said: “SEAT has always been a part of my life. My father was an employee at the SEAT plant in the Zona Franca, and this is the company that has given me the opportunity to get ahead in my career. I have always worked on the Ibiza production line. For me, reaching the figure of 5 million cars produced is the result of the passion we put in every day, the motivation of the personnel and positive proof of a job well done”.

Did you know that...?

  • 700 SEAT Ibiza leave the Martorell plant every day
  • It employs around 1,600 people
  • Around 700 robots contribute to the success of the SEAT Ibiza
  • An Ibiza covers around 12km during its production process
  • Five million Ibiza models placed end-to-end would stretch almost 19,300 km, the distance between Martorell in Spain and Auckland in New Zealand
  • The five million Ibizas have consumed a total of 70 million kilograms of paint
  • The Ibiza with female touches:
    • The first SEAT to open the door to women on the production line
    • Women account for 21 per cent of the production line
    • Two pop icons, Shakira and Katy Perry, have provided the music for the best-selling car’s advertising spots
  • The approximate price of the Ibiza in 1984 was 825,000 pesetas (4,950€). This is the equivalent of 15,620€ at today’s prices
  • The SEAT Ibiza was the official car at the Barcelona Olympic Games 1992
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