Pulman SEAT celebrates with multiple annual award wins

Pulman SEAT had an extraordinary 2017, achieving top of the table results across multiple annual awards; Overall Silver, Top Performing Sales, Top Fleet, and the coveted Top Satisfaction Performance Award.

We spoke to the team about their fantastic performance to find out how they had earned themselves 9 SEAT awards in the past two years and what it took to take the retailer to the network’s overall 2nd place position.

“The importance of looking after people is engrained in each and every person, it’s part of the culture, so it’s not surprising that awards are repeated here.” Andrew Cross, SEAT UK.

Pulman SEAT Head of Business, Chris Slater, takes us through some specifics which set them on the award road. “The Pulman promise is to deliver a fantastic customer experience. This is something we promote within Pulman, through the induction and people training process. We are proud to say that we have been recognised for all the hard work in ensuring our customers have that Pulman experience, whilst buying a new car or servicing their car with Pulman SEAT.”

There is a seamless process at Sunderland, customers are treated to a specific meet and greet team and are looked after throughout, customer care is a priority of everyone, from the cleaner, valeters and drivers to the team who are front line with customers. If the customer has been dissatisfied, we deal with it before it can become an issue. “We can get bumps in the road but we deal with it proactively”.

“We have two Motability specialists who can tailor the experience to that individual and their unique circumstances. This level of care and attention encourages referrals, our customers recommend us and we often see new customers here based on the experience we’ve given someone they know”.

Alex Paget, General Sales Manager comments, “I am very lucky to have such a fantastic team. We have had another fantastic year and these awards for customer service and performance are testament to how hard everyone has worked. I would like to thank everyone for their support and I can’t wait to see what the remaining 2018 brings.”

Engagement, ownership, culture

Chris goes on to tell James Jetten (Head of SEAT Customer Quality and Network Development) that the engagement of the team is paramount to their success.

Chris is a big advocate for staff engagement and has taken the unusual step of measuring staff culture and attitude. “We have undertaken surveys to measure staff negativity as I am a big believer in a positive attitude. I’m really proud of the fact that our scores are amazingly good!”

It’s clear to see that the staff are engaged, they take ownership and are all driven by the same goals. The effect of this is a strong culture of positivity and desire to deliver the best experience and be recognised for being one of the best retailers in the country. Delivering a fantastic customer experience.

Visit pulmanseat.co.uk and find out why they are SEAT UK award winners.

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