Pulman Review: The new Volkswagen Touareg

The third generation of Volkswagen's Touareg flagship SUV is larger, more practical and more powerful than ever. 

Revealed ahead of its arrival in UK showrooms this summer, the Volkswagen Touareg promises to be Volkswagen's most advanced car yet! This is the third generation of the flagship SUV, and the new Touareg is tough enough to tackle any terrain. 

Watch the Beijing highlights below...

While the outside may be a little sharper and has hints of the new T-Roc, it is the interior that has seen the biggest change...

Touareg Interior

Step into the driver's seat of the future: the Touraeg's revolutionary new Innovision Cockpit screen lets you control your SUV by touch, gesture or even voice. A pioneering first in a Volkswagen, the new Touareg is the only SUV in its class to present you with a fantastic clear 15 inch Innovision glass display. A full-colour screen that merges seamlessly into your digital dashboard! It does away with buttons, knobs and dials, using just the power of your touch, gesture and voice to control your car. You can customise it is just like a smartphone, and use it to see a wealth of information such as navigation and your apps.

The new Touareg is about to hit the road - are you ready? 

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