GoDigital: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Car's Technology

All of our SKODA models come with bundles of technological features available as both standard and optional extras, but we understand that sometimes knowing how to use this technology to its full potential can be difficult! 

Are you struggling to: 

  • Connect your phone to your car?
  • Make calls safely through your car?
  • Play music through your car?
  • Get the most out of SmartLink technology? (which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) 
  • Monitor your vehicle and driving data?
  • Get alerts about your car on your phone? 
  • Perform a health check and send this report to Pulman?
  • Make an emergency call if you are in an accident?


No problem! We are here to help. We are launching a fantastic new digital service called GoDigital. Designed by Pulman Group, this all-new service will help you understand and use the technology in your car. We have something to suit everyone – sign up, bring a friend along and enjoy a fun-filled hour on how to use your car’s technology to its full potential. 

Looking for something bespoke? Book with our GoDigital By Appointment and get help from our GoDigital Experts. 

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