Protect your paintwork from Volcanic Ash

As we're all aware, the travel conditions thanks to the volcanic ash spreading from Iceland are finally starting the improve.

However, the ash can still cause damage to your cars paintwork without you even knowing.

Autoglym, one of the leading manufacturers of car valeting products, has made some recommendations to keep your car looking its best. 

  • Volcanic ash is extremely abrasive, so to combat this make sure to thoroughly soak the car to loosen any deposits on the paint surface.
  • Continue to keep the car wet while you sponge the surface
  • Use an appropriate bodywork shampoo to counteract the acidic nature of the ash and pay particular attention to your wiper blades as build ups of the ash can scratch your windscreen.
  • Regularly changing the water you use will stop ash being constantly applied to the clean bodywork.
  • Rinse thoroughly using fresh water and dry fully using a microfibre towel or synthetic chamois.
  • Wax the surface to provide an extra layer of protection.

Autoglym finally recommends you wash your car frequently while the ash cloud still spreads to keep deposits to a minimum and your car looking as good as new.

Pulman Volkswagen is an official supplier of the Autoglym range of products, including a comprehensive protection pack, which can be obtained directly from our parts department.
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