The New Scirocco - Review

With the launch of the new Scirocco, Volkswagen has revived a legendary name but does the new car live up to the excitement of the older model? Click the "Read More" link below to read our exclusive Pulman review.

The Looks

The first thing you notice about the new Scirocco is the look. Using a new direction in Volkswagen design, the new Scirocco has a completely new identity of its own.

The narrow grille, combined with new look headlights give the car an impression of an aggressively low stance, while the rear "haunches" emphasise the power and give a greater impression of speed. Something which the Scirocco certainly isn't lacking in.

Not many cars can look this fast standing still.

The Interior

The interior of the new Scirocco is exactly what you would expect from Volkswagen. One of the leaders in interior quality, Volkswagen have used new techniques pioneered in the Tiguan such as soft touch plastics and high quality switch gear to really increase on the quality of their already great interiors.

The model we drove was equipped with Anthracite Leather which really suits the whole style of this car. The seats are comfortable but hold you gently in place making B-road drives very enjoyable.

The Drive

Our model is equipped with the latest 2.0 TFSI engine, generating 200ps, with an optional DSG automatic gearbox.

The combination of this fantastic engine and the frankly amazing DSG gearbox is second to none. Acceleration is smooth but very immediate with a satisfying surge from the turbo covering most of the rev range.

To cope with all this, the handling is even better than what you would expect. The Scirocco feels planted to the road and responds to your input very quickly. This is all helped thanks to adaptive chassis control giving you the option of normal, comfort and sport settings from the touch of a button. This obviously affects the stiffness of the suspension, but even on the sport setting, the Scirocco is still comfortable and soaks up enough of the bumps whilst leaving you with fantastic handling.

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