Motability: Is your term coming to an end soon? What are your next options…

If your Motability lease is coming to an end soon, there are a number of options available to you for what you can do next. Keep reading to find out more…

If you’re in month 33 of your Motability car scheme lease, you only have three months left to take the next steps. Whether that be ordering a new Motability car or extending your current lease, now is the time to do this.

Why should I order my new Motability car now?

You may already be aware of the global chip shortage, which is putting a strain on the production of new car factory orders across all car manufacturers. This in turn, is majorly delaying the ‘typical’ delivery window of your new Motability car, which you’d expect of 8 to 12 weeks; we’re now seeing 20+ week delays.

This is why if you’re looking for a new Motability car, now is the time to order while you’re in the last three months of your current lease. It should be noted that if your new delivery date is after your current contract, your current lease will be extended until your new car arrives.

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What happens if I can’t choose which car I want by the time my contract ends?

We know that when you’re looking for a new Motability car, a lot of time and research goes into it, to ensure you’re choosing the right car to suit your needs and requirements. This can delay your ordering time and before you know it, your current lease has come to an end.

If this is the case for you, and you’re unable to find a car before your current Motability lease ends, your current lease will be extended for six months. However, we strongly suggest that you start searching for your new car as soon as possible due to the current wait time for new car deliveries.

Book a showroom appointment with our Motability Specialist to view the Motability Volkswagen, SKODA and SEAT models we have on offer

Can I extend my lease on my current Motability scheme car?

You may want to keep your current Motability car, which is an option if:

· You have driven your car less than 15,000 miles by the end of your lease

· You have had special adaptions made to your car to make it suitable for you to drive.

If you think you meet the criteria above, you’ll be able to extend your lease by one to two years. Please contact our Motability specialists or you can call the official Motability UK customer service team on 0300 456 4566

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If I don’t want to continue on the Motability scheme, what are my options?

If you don’t want to continue on the Motability scheme, all you need to do is simply hand your car back on the date your lease is due to end.

Contact our Pulman Motability Specialists across Durham, Sunderland and Cramlington to find out more about your options:

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