Meet the Ateca – The first ever SUV for SEAT


Say hello to the SEAT Ateca, unveiled in Barcelona it’s got everybody talking. The new Ateca combines distinctive design, dynamic driving fun, urban versatility and compelling utility.

Technology is at the forefront of the Ateca; first class connectivity, assistance systems and highly efficient engines makes the Ateca one of the most desirable SUV’s out there. With a combination of outstanding quality, precision production and value for money this makes the Ateca a true SEAT.

Driving Technology
The technology included in the Ateca certainly won’t leave you disappointed. SEAT have pulled out all the stops to ensure the latest technology makes you ready for the adventure ahead.

The SEAT driver profile is on hand to allow you to adapt the car to the current driving situation, road conditions and personal taste. The Ateca includes traffic jam assist: This assistance function makes progress in heavy stop-start traffic far more bearable. At traffic jam speeds, the Ateca steers, accelerates and brakes automatically within the system boundaries.

A new safety feature included on the Ateca is Emergency assist; if the driver remains inactive beyond a certain period, the vehicle issues first a visual then an acoustic warning, followed finally by a brief pulse of the brakes. If there is still no reaction, the Ateca slows down to a standstill, while staying in lane.

Engine Choices
The Ateca comes with a range of state of the art engines which include the powerful turbocharged TSI and TDI diesel ranging from 115PS to 190PS. The Ateca gives you the choice of a two wheel or four-wheel drive in both DSG and manual transmissions.

Full Connectivity
State of the art technology keeps you fully connected to the digital world. The SEAT Ateca comes with the latest generation of Easy Connect Infotainment systems. Full link technology and the exclusive SEAT Connect APP are the highlights of this stunning SUV. The connectivity box is the centre console enables you to charge your smartphone wirelessly which complements Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

State of the art interior
Working in harmony with the exterior, the Ateca combines a refined and elegant unique feel which gives drivers a feeling of solidarity and safety.The cockpit is centred clearly around the driver, ensuring all controls are in reach while the infotainment system includes an 8inch display which is just a brief glance away.


Excellent use of space
Measuring 4.36 metres in length, combined with a boot size of 510 litres the Ateca leaves plenty of space to ensure comfort and practically are at the heart of the design.

To keep up to date with the latest news on the Ateca, visit or call 0191 549 29 26.

Source: SEAT UK

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