Using Your Volkswagen Parking Cameras

A good all-round view is a prerequisite for safe parking, but isn't it often difficult to get a full view around your entire car? Luckily we are here to help! Volkswagen Parking Cameras are small helpers with big effects!  A total of four cameras - installed at the rear, in the exterior mirrors and in the radiator grille - show you images of the  surrounding area and project a live image in the cockpit display from a birds-eye perspective. 


Passat Rear View Camera


Have you ever wanted to literally look around the corner when pulling out at a junction? Check out our Area View cameras! The camera is positioned in the radiator grille, and set slightly forward so it can acquire images of the zones to the left and right of it. This means you will be able to view a live image of approaching cross traffic on the display. 


The Rear View gives you eyes in the back of your head! The system enables a view behind the vehicle, thereby indicating whether the rear zone is clear. For the first time in the Golf Mk 6, when reverse gear is engaged, the rear camera mounted in the hinged Volkswagen logo is automatically activated. This system can also assist in coupling a trailer to the vehicle by showing a driving line to the towing bracket on the camera image in the trailer view, so that you can guide the vehicle precisely to it. 


Passat Rear View Camera


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