Let it Snow, let it snow, let is snow…be prepared with Winter Tyres

With Pulman be prepared for the snow this winter! Pulman have launched their brand new service ‘Hotel4Tyres’, which in short supplies, fits and stores winter tyres for you.
We have all experienced the recent harsh winters, and as much as we hope that the snow will stay away this year, the likelihood is that we will be facing the same cold and freezing winter.
Pulman believe in delivering a fantastic customer experience, which is why they have produced a winter tyre and service programme to help keep customers safe and prepared for winter.
Calling it ‘Hotel4Tyres’, Pulman are offering winter tyres at not only fantastic rates, but a fully comprehensive service, all included. As well as supplying a wide range of winter tyres with or without wheels, Hotel4Tyres will store and fit the winter tyres for you. As well as storing and re-fitting your summer tyres. They will even store your winter tyres again ready for next year. So you don’t have to worry or organise a thing!
“We believe in delivering a fantastic customer experience and the Pulman ‘Hotel for Tyres’ does just that. We are helping our customers to prepare for winter! Winter Tyres are a fantastic solution to help people drive in snow and icy conditions. Our ‘hotel for tyres’ service ensures that our customers are ready for winter without the hassle of storing, fitting or re-fitting their tyres. We take care of that for them.” (Paul Collins, Parts Manager)

Winter tyres are specially made to give you more grip on icy, wet or snowy roads. Paul Collins continues, “Winter tyres sometimes have the misunderstanding of just been used on snowy roads, however as soon as the temperature drops below 7⁰C winter tyres will start to perform better and more efficiently than summer tyres.

A winter tyre is made with a higher natural rubber content that keeps tyres soft and flexible even in colder weather conditions. By switching to winter tyres you are not only ensuring your safety when driving, but pro-longing the life of both winter and summer tyres.”

Visit www.Hotel4Tyres.co.uk to find out more about winter tyres, winter driving tips and how to get prepared for winter. Supply, fit and store winter tyres in one complete package. 


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