Inside the NEW Volkswagen e-Golf

We already know that the Volkswagen e-Golf is here to revolutionise the way we conquer the city streets. It has an electric motor that doesn’t compromise on performance, a range of charging options and a seriously impressive range, but what about the infotainment, driver assistance and equipment? How does the inside of the e-Golf measure up to the Volkswagen exceptional standard of vehicle? 

 It will be no surprise that the e-Golf is jam-packed with class-leading options that have always been staples of Volkswagen cars.  With Discover Navigation, finding your way around the infotainment options is quick and easy. Using this feature you can access all your favourite apps via voice or gesture.

On top of this Car-Net redefines in-car connectivity. Want to listen to Spotify? No problem! How about send or receive a message safely? The e-Golf has you covered. Car-Net helps you do all this with a wide range of helpful services including MirrorLink – the ability to connect your phone enabled apps to your dashboard. 

And it doesn’t stop there – the intelligent driver assistance systems in the e-Golf provide comfort and peace of mind! The main goal of each feature is to help you avoid difficult situations, but even if you find yourself in an awkward spot the e-Golf is always ready to help. Lets take a look at a few systems…

The standard adaptive cruise control helps you adjust your speed depending on the vehicles around you. Front assist includes emergency breaking assist as well as pedestrian monitoring – just in case someone unexpectedly steps out in front of you. 

The optional Traffic Jam Assist feature monitors other vehicles around you to help prevent collisions when you are in a traffic jam. Emergency assist meanwhile can detect when the driver is no longer in control of the vehicle and takes semi-automatic control. 

The optional Park Assist helps take the stress out of parallel parking. Not only will the feature help you find a space, it will also use ultrasound sensors to tell you whether your e-Golf can fit into your chosen spot. 

The optional Blind Spot Sensor warns you if there’s a car travelling in your blind spot to provide extra peace of mind. It also tells you if a car is approaching as you reverse out of a parking space.  

Want to know more about the e-Golf? Check out our website here or our latest e-Golf blog post here. We have the e-Golf in our showroom ready for you to take out for a spin on the streets of Durham and Sunderland. See you soon! 

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