How to set CarPlay up with your iPhone

With select cars and stereos, you can use CarPlay to get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and much more! But how do you set up CarPlay with your iPhone? Let’s take a look…

First of all, you need an iPhone 5 or later to use CarPlay. Make sure you are in an area that supports CarPlay (a full list can be found here) and that Siri is turned on. (To turn Siri on, go to Settings > Siri & Search)

There are a couple more steps you have to do to be able to set CarPlay up with your iphone…

  1. Plug your iPhone into the CarPlay USB port (the port may be labelled with a CarPlay icon or a smartphone icon) 
  2. Make sure your car is running 
  3. Ask Siri what you need – you can do this a few different ways (If your car has one, press and hold the Voice Control button on your steering wheel, then ask what you need. If you have a touch screen, touch and hold the Home button in CarPlay until Siri appears on your stereo display, then ask what you need

Volkswagen, SEAT and SKODA deliver an elegant connection between car and smartphone through SmartLink which supports Apple CarPlay technology. Check out the video below for a full explanation of how to use CarPlay through SmartLink. While a SKODA is used to demonstrate in this case, the setup is the same for Volkswagen and SEAT

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