How to integrate your SKODA with Amazon Alexa

SKODA owners can check the status of their car with just their voice thanks to the integration of SKODA Connect and Amazon's Alexa virtual personal assistant. The technology works across all devices equipped with Alexa Voice Services and allows the owner to interact with their vehicles on a completely new level. 

By simply asking a question to an Alexa-equipped device, owners can receive information about numerous aspects of their car, from current fuel to the average speed of their last journey. Owners can also check to see if they have inadvertently left their lights on and even as Alexa to remind them where they have parked. 

To use, all you have to do is wake Alexa and ask a question! So if you want to know whether your next journey requires a visit to the fuel station, you can simply asl "Alexa, ask SKODA how far I can drive with the current fuel level". Alexa will then check the fuel level of the car and reply immediately based on fuel level and average consumption of the vehicle. 

Interested? To activate you will need to update your Alexa device with a new 'Alexa Skill' - called SKODA Connect - which allows the device to communicate with your car! SKODA Connect is available on the Fabia, Rapid, Octavia, Karoq, Superb and Kodiaq models. 

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