How to install your Volkswagen Connect and DataPlug

Have you ever wanted your very own driving assistant? With the FREE Volkswagen DataPlug you can get information about your car directly on your smartphone with the Volkswagen Connect app! Easily review each journey, route and mileage taken. You can know when your car is due its next service or how much fuel you have left.

How to install your Volkswagen Data Plug

Installing your Volkswagen Data Plug is easy! Check out our video below for a useful guide... 

The first thing you need to do is download the Volkswagen Connect app onto your smartphone. When you open the app the Terms of Use will appear, when you agree the app will ask you to pair your smartphone with your car.  It will guide you through a checklist - first start the ignition, set your phone to mobile data and activate Bluetooth on your phone. Now you will be asked to enter a pin, this can be found on your Data Plug or on the packaging. Next, insert the data ply into your on-board diagnosis (in the footwell on the drivers side, beneath the steering wheel) confirm connection. 

Now you can add a profile name and a picture. Next up add your registration details and register to make use of all services. Enter your email address and a password and press register. You will then receive an email with a confirmation link - and that's it! 

How does it work? 

A better overview for trips:

Your digital vehicle log records all your journeys from start to finish, together with the data, time, duration, route taken and cost per journey.

Driving style, for more efficiency:

In the Driving Style section, the app records acceleration, braking, speed, rpm and coolant temperature data in a graph. With this information it automatically calculates your “Efficient Driving” score.

Fuel Monitor – for greater control over costs:

The Fuel Monitor records all your fuel fill-ups and stories the data in a handy overview. If the app notices that you have filled up with fuel, you automatically receive a notification and have the option of adding additional details.

Parking Space – for more time:

This shows where your vehicle is located, displaying that time you parked as well as two buttons – Route and Share – showing how you get there and allowing you to send the vehicle location to other passengers, or as a detailed with more information, such as when paid-parking is set to end

Challenges – for more excitement on the road

Enjoy your drive with tasks and changing challenges, test yourself against other Volkswagen drivers and collect points and trophies

Service Partners – For more convenience

This displays out Service Partners and allows you to call them directly from the app, enabling you to stay in touch with Volkswagen Service even when you’re on the road

Assistance Call – For more safety

This section enables you to directly contact the 24-hour breakdown services or the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance at the touch of a button if you have a technical problem or even an accident

My Volkswagen – For more information and safety:

A quick fitness check-up of your Volkswagen. This section of the app provides you with all the most important information about your vehicle in one place and displays alerts explaining issues or recommending the course of action

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