Gearing Up Durham School Pupils For Buying Their First Car!

As most of us know from experience it can be pretty daunting when the time comes to purchasing your first car, which is why Pulman Volkswagen Durham provided a short demonstration of the car buying process to Year 12 Pupils from Durham School who are currently learning to drive.

Scott Jenkins, Client Sales Advisor, along with Chris Slater, Head of Communications & IT / Sunderland Sites Manager, provided a presentation to Durham pupils to explain the various options and processes available when it comes to buying your first car, whether it’s a Brand New, Nearly New or Used Car.

The key points covered included going through the configurator on the Pulman Volkswagen website; from selecting the make, model, colour and additional extras. Scott then moved onto explain about the various finance options when purchasing a car (Personal Contract Purchase, Personal Contract Hire, Cash Purchase etc…) before explaining some of the current features found across most of the Volkswagen Range such as Rear Parking Sensors, Apple Carplay & Android Auto. After the on-screen presentation ended, Scott took them across to a Volkswagen Golf for the pupils to look at the technology & design features and how it can differ between trim levels. As being a Year 12 Pupil can be a stressful time with exams, all of the pupils were offered cricket and football-style stress balls after a team photo!

Durham School seminar at VW Durham


Kath Rochester, Director of Co-Curriculum & Senior Housemistress at Durham School, shared her thoughts on the session with the following, “Thank you so much for having us to visit today. It was a fabulous session and really useful for our students.  They really enjoyed learning about buying a car as they really didn’t know much about the process or certainly how they could finance a vehicle.  Scott and Chris pitched the session at the right level and the students felt like they were treated as customers and adults.” 

Kath then went onto say, “It proved to be a really valuable experience and hopefully they will take this knowledge with them when they are in a position to make such a purchase.  We are finding quite a few of our teenagers today are generally quite naïve so today’s session was important in tooling them up for the future and opening their eyes to the real world.”

Durham School who contacted Pulman Volkswagen Durham to request if we could provide this seminar, is also introducing other life skill presentations, such as buying your first home, to the PHSE Pupils to develop their knowledge for adulthood.

VW Durham & Durham School pupils during seminar


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