First rate and second hand... the Pulman ŠKODA cars that are making their mark in the North East

Whether it's a brand new or a used ŠKODA, you can still drive away in the car of your dreams from Pulman ŠKODA. 

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Let’s first of all get something straight. Most people decide to buy a used car because they assume that a new car is out of their financial reach. Okay, it all depends on your circumstances, but it really is worth having a chat with the sales guys at Pulman ŠKODA. You will be amazed at how many deals and different ways there are to buy a brand new car.
However, perhaps you’ve got your heart set on a bigger, faster or more luxurious model than what’s currently available for you in the new ŠKODA range, or you may be happy with your current marque and would simply like to renew it. If you are a person who ticks any of those boxes, you will still find what you’re looking for at Pulman ŠKODA.
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You now have a few options

If you know what sort of car you want, go onto the Pulman used car website …fill in the Used Car Search boxes and let the internet do the searching for you.
It will scan all of the Pulman dealerships to find out whether they have in stock the sort of car you’re looking for.
They have access to thousands of vehicles so there’s bound to be something that fits the bill.
Another idea is to get in touch with the sales team at Pulman ŠKODA and they will do the work for you. Just tell them the car you are looking for, or even just give them an idea of the sort of car you’d like, and then they’ll sort everything.
And here’s a really neat idea. If you spot something that seriously takes your fancy, the Pulman ŠKODA team will swing into action and create a short video of the exact car. This is a walk-around video with views both inside and outside of the car. You can closely study the car you fancy without leaving the comfort of your armchair. How cool is that?
In other words, if you want something that isn’t a brand new ŠKODA, you can still drive off in exactly the car that you’ve been looking for.
It might be second hand, but when it comes from Pulman ŠKODA, it’ll be first rate.
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Source: The Chronicle 
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