Face Coverings Mandatory In Pulman Showrooms From 24th July 2020

Following the Government guidance, face coverings will be mandatory across all Pulman showrooms from Friday 24th July 2020…

On 10th July 2020 the Government announced it would be mandatory to wear face coverings while visiting shops and supermarkets in the UK from 24th July 2020. A further update on 17th July 2020 confirmed the same rules would apply in car showrooms as dealerships fell under the ‘shops and branches’ category.

We ask all of our sales, service and parts customers to ensure they wear a face covering when visiting any of our showrooms in Durham, Sunderland and Cramlington.

All Pulman staff in customer areas will be required to wear a face covering (unless exempt due to a health reason). Back of house, our staff will need to wear a face covering if they cannot maintain 2 metres social distancing or if they are working in an enclosed space with others.

Face covering mandatory in Pulman showrooms


The Government website lists that you do not need to wear a face covering if you have a legitimate reason not to. This includes:

  • young children under the age of 11
  • not being able to put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability
  • if putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distress
  • if you are travelling with or providing assistance to someone who relies on lip reading to communicate
  • to avoid harm or injury, or the risk of harm or injury, to yourself or others
  • to avoid injury, or to escape a risk of harm, and you do not have a face covering with you
  • to eat or drink, but only if you need to
  • to take medication
  • if a police officer or other official requests you remove your face covering


There are also scenarios when you are permitted to remove a face covering when asked:

  • If asked to do so by shop staff for the purpose of age identification
  • If speaking with people who rely on lip reading, facial expressions and clear sound. Some may ask you, either verbally or in writing, to remove a covering to help with communication


Please remember that wearing a face mask whilst car shopping, does not mean we should forget about all of the safety measures which have been put in place to reduce the spread of the virus.

At Pulman there are hand sanitisers at the entrance of all showrooms; please use these as you enter and leave. The 2 metre social distancing rule still applies at our dealerships; please follow the arrows marked throughout the showrooms.

Please be aware that our staff will also be required to wear a mask/face covering.

Read more about the safety measures in place at Pulman Volkswagen, SKODA, SEAT & CUPRA

We would like to thank all of our customers for your continued support to keep everyone safe.

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