Coming soon to a cinema near you...

There are some films that you never want to end or when they do, you just can't wait to see them again. Films that are timeless, just like our new Polo.
Bridget Jones and Love Actually have all the top stars to keep us entertained for years to come, the new Polo has a range of top quality in-car entertainment systems available. Grease and Mamma Mia have a look and feel that won't go out of fashion, the new Polo has style designed in the same fashion as the iconic Golf. Top Gun set the standard for action movies of it's time, the new Polo is setting new standards with more room inside, speed-sensitive power-assisted steering and an electronic stabilisation programme that makes it a pleasure to drive over and over again.
Wouldn't it be great if you could see those films you loved so much the first time round, on the big screen once again for free? We think so, which is why we'd like to invite you and a friend to our Polo's Timeless Film Festival on the 29th October 2009. We have two venues for the events, in Durham the Gala Theatre and in Sunderland Cineworld at Boldon.
All you need to do is vote for the film you would like to see again at to receive free tickets for you and a friend. On the night, you'll receive a goody bag AND you'll also get the chance to win a trip to New York to relive some of your favourite movie moments.

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