Buying a used car from Pulman is like buying a new car

Buying a used car from Pulman is like buying a new car

Sunderland Echo reporter Stephanie Currie gets first hand
experience on the Pulman Used Cars Website.

BEING a woman can make finding and buying the perfect car a bit
daunting. But Pulman Used Cars in Sunderland,
who are celebrating the first anniversary of their website, have the answer.


The straightforward and user-friendly website is without doubt the
easiest way for us girls to purchase the car of our dreams. It allowed me to
understand how to search for a specific car by choosing the make, model and
what budget I was aiming for. I was then guided to a page containing my chosen
car and within my price range.


So what next? Well, Pulman’s website has four options alongside
the image to ensure I made the right decision and knew what the next step was.
A choice between enquiring now, printing information, booking a test drive or
emailing to a friend made the task easier and I felt they were doing it all for
me at the touch of a button.

Marketing Manager, Natalie Wilson said: “We want to help customers
choose their perfect car by giving them as many options as possible”. So what
would I do if they didn’t have the particular car I was searching for? The
‘Find a car’ link on the website, allowed me to enter my contact details and
the specific vehicle I wanted.

I didn’t know what to expect when purchasing a car as I had never
done it before, but when I found out that Pulman’s policy is to get in touch
with the customer within one hour of them making an enquiry, I was stunned at
the impeccable standard of customer service.


Revealing the extent of work they go to achieve customer
satisfaction Natalie explained: “We also go the extra mile to make it more
convenient for the customer. Let us do the hard work”.


The website also has an option of where you want to pick the car
up from or view it, making it easier for the customer to get to.


The success of the website, which is updated daily, can be seen in
the statistics, as they receive 2500 unique visitors a week. Not only have they
created the perfect search website, they have made it more accessible to
potential customers by creating a mobile version which can be accessed

Stephanie Currie behind the scenes at Pulman, looking at
the diagnostic machine works

Buying a used car from Pulman is as close to buying a brand new
car as you can get and I was shown the rigorous checks the cars go through.
Firstly the car is checked via DVLA and finance companies to check the complete
history of the car, to ensure it hasn't been in a severe accident and that
there is no finance left to pay on the car.

Once the car is given the external okay, it then goes through numerous
internal checks by Pulman including making a note of any cosmetic damages and
the service history of the vehicle. Next the workshop process ensures that the
car, which they are going to retail has been thoroughly checked and is as close
to new as possible. The diagnostics machine allows the engine and vital parts
to be assessed and if anything needs replacing, brand new parts are ordered and
fitted the next day.

Natalie said: “We don’t want to just do enough, we want to give
customers the confidence that they are buying a decent car, a car that has been
fully checked. We on average spend £700 towards ensuring each car is up to our
high standards before it is available to the customer”.

Once the car has been checked, it’s sent to the valeting bay.

Sales Manager, Gavin Dawbney said: “We try to make a used car
experience as close to a new car experience as we can. We find out the customer
needs and tailor to their requirements, whether it be fitting a Bluetooth kit
or some nice new alloys. We are here for help and advice, not just through the
sale of the vehicle, but throughout your ownership of the vehicle. Giving the
customer one point of contact for all their vehicle requirements.”

Not exactly being in the know when it comes to cars, I was informed that there
is a no quibble 30 day exchange with each used car, guaranteeing that you are
buying a car you can trust, from a company that wants the best for you.

Entering the Pulman garage I felt as though I knew nothing about buying a car
and would be unsure what I was purchasing. However, within minutes of talking
to the staff I was convinced I could have complete peace of mind when I was
buying a used car at Pulman.

(Part of an Advertisement feature with the Sunderland Echo who came to Pulman and did the survey. Stephanie Currie: Reporter, Dave Allen: Photographer)

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