Brilliantly Bold, Bam the Ram measures up to the new Volkswagen T-Roc

Bam the Ram


Name: Bam the Ram

Birthday: 26th December 2017

Interests:  strutting, eating grass, showing sheepdogs who is boss and rock music.

Favorite Quotation: I am #BornConfident


Meet Bam the Ram, the toughest baby ram in all the land! Born the leader of his heard, Bam struts through life with a handsome pair of horns and the confidence to match! He faces off with a farmer, a sheepdog and even a bull; but even Bam gives way to the T-Roc when he comes accords the new SUV on the road. While this woolly winner was #BornConfident, there is only one equal to Bam, the new Volkswagen T-Roc which was also born to take the lead in its class.



The T-Roc drives into the SUV segment confidently, just like our fuzzy hero it“stands out from the crowd and leaves a lasting impression” (says Jurgen Stackmann, member of the Volkswagen Management Board). While the T-Roc is VolkswaVgen’s smallest SU to date, it boasts the same practicality of an SUV with the agility of a sporty compact. Bam and the T-Roc might be small, but they definitely pack a punch!


Are you #BornConfident? Stand out from the crowd with the new Volkswagen T-Roc, available to test drive in Sunderland and Durham now. Click here for more information.

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