Book Your Volkswagen Spring Check

It might not feel like spring outside, but spring really is here! Snow might feel like a not-so-distant memory, but cold weather can leave problems behind. Not to worry though, because they won't get past the expert eye of a Pulman Volkswagen technician. 


For just £20, here's whats included to get you in the swing of spring:


  • 34-point Express Visual Check (this identifies any health issues that need fixing or will need fixing shortly) 
  • Oil and washer fluid top-ups (this ensures your car has the fluids it needs to stay healthy) 
  • Spring Clean (a wash and vacuum to make your car feel better) 
  • Free Autoglym Kits (anAutoglymm 'Perfect Bodywork' and 'Perfect Interior' kit) 


Why not make the most of Spring by checking that your car is ready for the months ahead! Want to book online? Click here


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