Driving through the ages with the new Volkswagen Polo

For over 40 years, the Volkswagen Polo has been one of the worlds popular superminis. Originally starting life as an Audi 50, the small but perfectly formed Polo has always boasted sharp design and stylish bodywork. Today, the sixth generation Polo continues to outshine the rest. It now shares characterises with some of the bigger models, boasting 351 litres of boot space and the latest safety technology.

The Volkswagen Polo Mk 1

The supermini end of the car market has always been fiercely competitive. If a car was to succeed in this segment, it had to offer something distinctive with high quality. The original polo was all of the above and became an instant hit in Europe.

Mk 1 Polo

The Volkswagen Polo Mk 2

In 1981, the Volkswagen Polo debuted a new style, one that featured a more practical sloping back window. The Mk2 came in two body styles, the hatchback and the coupe. The Polo was still the supermini of choice and in 1983 sales hit the 1,000,000 mark

Mk 2 Polo

The Volkswagen Polo Mk 3

The third generation Polo threw out the hard lines and the shar corners. The Polo was reinvented as a curved, sporty model. Complete with 5 doors, power steering and ABS – a world first for Volkswagen – the Polo was ahead of its time.

This model will undoubtedly be remembered for the GTI badge on the boot lid and front grill that appeared in 1998. The Polo GTi was the most powerful Polo yet, coming in the shades Diamond Black Pearly Effect, Flash Red and Satin Silver Metallic.

Mk 3 Polo

The Volkswagen Polo Mk 4

September 2001 marked the introduction of the fourth gen Polo which shared platforms with the likes of the SKODA Fabia and the SEAT Ibiza. It is instantly recognisable from the front end due to its quad like headlights – similar to those on the Lupo.

This model made sure it stayed cool with the introduction of automatic aircon and advanced safety features such as ESP.

Mk 4 Polo

The Volkswagen Polo Mk 5

The Polo Mk 5 was debuted at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. This Polo continued its reign as of the worlds most popular superminis, and just one year later it was named the European Car of the Year. This fifth generation added space, a range of impressive engines and a build quality that was second to none.

Mk 5 Polo

The Volkswagen Polo Mk 6

Today, the Polo is bigger, sleeker and more expressive than ever. Boasting Volkswagen’s innovative Active Info Display, and fantastic safety features, the new Polo is for all of life's adventures! 

Mk 6 Polo

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