18th Million Car rolls of the ŠKODA Production Line in the Czech Republic

ŠKODA is celebrating the production of the 18th
Million vehicle built since manufacturing started in 1905.

The landmark
vehicle to roll off the production line at ŠKODA’s Kvasiny plant in the Czech
Republic was a Superb Estate in candy white. The facility also builds the
Superb Saloon and Yeti.
150,000 ŠKODA vehicles were produced in 2015 at the Kvasiny plant in
the Czech Republic, which employs around 4,500 workers.  The Kvasiny plant recently opened a new pilot
hall with 50 new employees. The team here will receive technical information
three years before production of a ŠKODA model begins to ensure best
processes are put in place.
Once the
current expansion of the plant is complete, a further 1,300 people will be
employed at the Kvasiny plant. This upgrade will lead to over 280,000 cars
being produced a year.

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Source – ŠKODA UK
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